My work is derived form the inner soul of individuals and hope for equality. Adults around me looked down on me when I was was young, calling me rebel and gangster. I was judged for what I wore and how I looked on the outside. I was hurt. I was angry. I started painting to absorb the negatives. What I spend most of my time on while painting is the undercoating. Undercoating is not seen on the outside, yet it is what defines the painting. It determines the next ten years or even a hundred years of that painting. Without a careful undercoating, paintings will be ruined sooner or later. Colors will fade away eventually. A strong, patiently done undercoating is like an inner strength of a person. It defines how “strong” the painting can be in front of cold weather, or a burning heat. This cannot be judged from the look on the outside at the time, just like when I was a kid. My art is a mixture of graffiti and realism. The weight between the two varies depending on circumstances and what client asks for – sometimes serious, sometimes funny. But it all comes from Me. Ultimately, I want my art to appeal to all generations, old and young, rich and poor, professional artists and amateur painters. Because my beginnings were not as easy. I hope you too will enjoy my Art!!